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OpenLabLog [2013-09-10]

Some news again from our last openlab session!

last week, people were continuing for their projects...

  • + IOT project of a contamination meter / Geiger counter (by Gandalf): measures the radioactivity!
    + some more crazy tesla experiments

this week:

  • + the new micro-ring ringmodulator: The real one! (not the broken one) (schematic by Uwe, built by Dani)
    + the first platine of the gnusb implementation for modular synthesizers with an 8-channel DAC was too small - redesign required...

The following remark is a performative statement: All Tesla Experiments are from now on censured on this homepage and the MechArtLab, due to respect and safety in the OpenLab and for the children (we love children)! "Tesla-Experiments-prohibited"-signs were placed on visible spots in the lab.
These kinds of experiments are alternatively presented in a more decent way on youtube via hypertextual links:
>> here <<


Geiger counter with controller and display:

Geiger counter with display

Tags: MechArtLab, OpenLab, Music, iot, ringmodulator

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  1. stahl:
    Oct 16, 2013 at 05:56 PM

    yeah, yeah, geili session!