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OpenLabLog [2013-08-27]

Some news again from our last openlab session!

**OpenLabLog is back! There was some stuff going on this tuesday, but pictures are rare...

  • + Preparation for the workshop Kunsthalle Winterthur: painting circuits, etching, soldering: A SENSOR THAT SENSES ART (whats that weired schematic??)
    + High Voltage experiments start with low voltage (17V), but already make some plasma lights! (thx to Chris)
    + RGB-Leds on BeagleBone Black! The concurrence of Raspberry-Pi..  ..  .  .
    + modular synth, new drum machine
    + it's never to late for a new self brewed Gnusbuino

Tags: MechArtLab, OpenLab, anyma, Music, LED

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